A Different View of Costa Rica

Here’s a quote from a guy who traveled by bicycle from Minnesota to Patagonia.
Everyone who told me anything about Costa Rica mentioned how expensive it is. I spent just under a week biking across Costa Rica, preparing all my food myself and stirring up fond memories of exploiting grocery stores for their bathrooms and water. My lunch specialty: refried beans and carrot slices on Ritz crackers, $0.90. And I averaged about 8 bananas a day – Costa Rica is the #2 exporter of bananas in the world, so they’re incredibly cheap there. Costa Rica also distinguished itself as one of the few places on earth where you can admire pine forests and have to wipe monkey crap off your forehead within minutes of each other. Within minutes, in fact, of entering the country. Costa Rica is beautiful; it was awesome to ride through the barely-contained and raucous jungle lining the highways, and the abundance of animals made it feel like Amazon Trail. But the amount of commercialization is disgusting – the highways are lined with advertisements. I ended up living cheaper in Costa Rica than in other countries – everything was so expensive I’d balk at buying anything. And I’d often reason that I could choose between getting 1 ice cream now or 3 ice creams somewhere else – the prospect of 3 ice creams almost always won out. I did cough up to visit a nature reserve, full of snakes and poisonous frogs and butterflies, and to enter Manuel Antonio National Park, full of people. Luckily almost all of them were there for the beaches, so the walking trails through the jungle were empty.